Plunging Republican Voter Confidence in GOP Direction by Mike Scruggs

Mike ScruggsAccording to the Jones Cafe/C.E. Barnes Country Store Poll of Johnston County, N.C. potential voters, grassroots Republican and unaffiliated conservative voters range from “Very Disappointed” to “Mad as Hell” in their opinion of Washington-based Republican leadership. Last week they were at least happy that Donald Trump had been exposing and humbling the WIMP establishment in Washington as well as several immigration-wimp establishment GOP Presidential candidates. Many voters say they are fed up with appeasement prone WIMP Republican leadership. and will not vote for them even if they win the Republican Primary.

This weekend, however, Trump stumbled during a national TV interview, while trying to prove he was not hostile to immigrants, saying he would offer amnesty to those who were “not the bad ones.” That pretty much flipped his position to one very similar to pro-amnesty Republican candidates Bush and Rubio. He also said he would increase legal immigration, a policy which would be damaging to American workers and job seekers. For these reasons, NumbersUSA changed their rating on Trump to pro-amnesty. The episode was a strong indicator that Trump does not have a thorough understanding of the negative consequences of amnesty or excessive legal immigration on American workers and taxpayers. Unfortunately, it appears that most of the Republican Presidential candidates have not done their homework on immigration issues, which could have grave consequences for the nation.

However, under the same media interview pressures, Walker and Santorum held their ground on amnesty and repeated their positions that too much legal immigration hurts American workers. Republican Ted Cruz has been the most consistently anti-amnesty Republican, but according to NjumbersUSA, he has not yet taken a strong position on protecting American workers from excessive legal immigration.

The Jones Cafe/C.E. Barnes Store Poll is, of course, done by yours truly and is very informal.

However, a national Pew Poll released on July 25, strongly substantiates the informal Johnston County, NC poll. The Pew Poll shows Republican voter approval of GOP performance has dropped 18 percent in the last six months, from 86 percent approval to 68 percent approval. Independent approval dropped from 37 percent to 29 percent. As the Pew analysts put it, “Republican voters have noticed the GOP’s Obama-friendly governance.” The most prominent issues were in the areas of immigration, healthcare, and letting Obama get away with a dangerous nuclear treaty with Iran, but the GOP’s overall tendency to reward big donors and ignore Republican voters has itself become a major issue.

The strongest Republican voter anger is against the Congressional leadership of John Boehner in the House, Mitch McConnell in the Senate, and the Republican National Committee, chaired by Reince Priebus.

Republican voters in North Carolina and South Carolina are also noticing that their predominantly Republican legislatures also tend to favor big donors over Republican voters. For example, a North Carolina House Bill (HB 328), introduced by Republicans and backed by the pro-amnesty, pro-cheap-labor North Carolina Chamber of Commerce and the North Carolina Farm Bureau would give drivers’ permits to illegal immigrant workers. It passed the NC House Finance Committee, even though a Civitas Poll showed that 74 percent of North Carolina voters were against it. They rightly see drivers’ permits for illegal immigrants as “red carpet” treatment and a huge magnet attracting hundreds of thousands of new illegal immigrants.

The South Carolina Legislature, also with a strong Republican majority, voted to remove the Confederate Flag from a memorial honoring Confederate dead. This was requested by Republican Governor Nikki Haley with strong pressure from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, a notably large contributor to South Carolina political campaigns. Nikki Haley’s belief that removing the Confederate Flag from its honored place would bring racial healing was based on appalling distortions of history and disregard for substantial numbers of the Republican base who know Southern history and are proud of their ancestors’ resistance to tyranny and invasion. They regard the ignorant and often mean-spirited assertions of the NAACP and SPLC as slanderous and regard appeasing them as insulting, unwise and unjust. Haley’s belief proved wrong on both sides. The NAACP and SPLC have now advanced to strident calls for removing any honor to Confederate dead or Confederate heroes, and Republican legislators continue to “catch hell” from their conservative constituents. Add these ingredients to disappointment with Republican appeasements of the Obama Administration in Washington, and you have a high probability of a low Republican turnout in 2016, sweeping many Republican legislators out of office.

The one great advantage for Republicans is that polls show Hillary Clinton is not trusted by substantial numbers of voters. But will the Democrats nominate a candidate with so many character and likability issues? Even more important, it appears to me that Barack Obama is by no means enthusiastic about Clinton. Who will replace her?

Republicans are going to have to clean up their act to recover public confidence even within the GOP. One thing for sure is that neither Republicans nor independents want to put any more immigration WIMPS in the White House, Congress, or state legislatures. Republican and conservative voters are also becoming alarmed at a Republican Party whose primary loyalties are to the U.S. Chamber, State Chambers, State Farm Bureaus, and other huge special interest associations and financial donors rather than conservative Republican principles and the common good of the people.

McCarthy: House will not vote on Senate’s highway funding bill

no ex imThe Hill – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Monday said his chamber will not vote on the Senate’s six-year highway bill.

McCarthy’s declaration that the House will not be “taking up the Senate bill” means a short-term extension is the only way to prevent a lapse in federal infrastructure funding at the end of the week.

It also means the Export-Import Bank, linked to the highway bill in the Senate, will not be renewed until September at the earliest.

The charter for the bank, which provides loan guarantees to help U.S. corporations sell goods overseas, expired on June 30 — a result cheered by conservatives who blast Ex-Im as an example of “corporate welfare.”

Supporters had seen the highway bill as a great chance to renew the bank.

McCarthy’s decision leaves Congress with two possible paths forward.

The House could simply do nothing, leave town and hope that will force the Senate to swallow the five-month highway bill it passed two weeks ago. That measure does not include any Ex-Im language.

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Presidential 2015-2016 Debate Schedule & GOP National Convention

August 6, 2015, Ohio, Fox News

September 6, 2015, California, CNN/Salem Radio

October 28, 2015, Colorado, CNBC

November ? 2015, Wisconsin, Fox Business/WSJ

December 15, 2015, Nevada, CMM/Salem Radio

January ?, 2016, Iowa, Fox News

February 6, 2016, New Hampshire, ABC News

February 13, 2016, South Carolina, CBS News

February 26, 2016, Texas, NBC/Telemundo/National Review

March ?, 2016, ?, Fox News

March 10, 2016, Florida, CNN/SalemRadio


GOP National Convention, July 18th – 21st, Cleveland, OH, Quicken Loans Arena

THE HILL’S OVERNIGHT REGULATION: GOP revives bill on union organizing July 27, 2015


Republicans are renewing their push for legislation they say would help prevent workers from being forced into union membership.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) on Monday introduced the Employee Rights Act, a bill that would create new requirements for workers to organize a union and make it easier for them to disband it. The bill would also restrict political donations made by unions.

“I’m not anti-union, but I do believe unions could better represent their members,” Hatch told reporters.

The bill is the latest shot fired in the bitter battle between the Obama administration and Republicans over labor policy. Hatch introduced the legislation in 2012, but to little avail. With Republicans now in control of the Senate, he’s hoping for more success this time around.

The Employee Rights Act has 16 co-sponsors in the Senate, and some 30 co-sponsors in the House, where the bill is backed by Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.).

“This doesn’t outlaw unions or make it more difficult to join one,” Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) said.

The legislation would require a secret ballot election before organizing a union or going on strike.

Employees would also have to vote to keep the union in place once workplace turnover exceeds 50 percent, or else the union would automatically be disbanded.

Hatch said that most employees are thrust into union membership when they join a new company, but only 7 percent of union members have actually voted to organize those unions.

“Frankly, companies today, there’s hardly anyone employed who has ever voted for a union, and yet they’re stuck with union dues, and they’re stuck with union control,” Hatch said.

The labor bill would also slow down the process by which workers can organize a union.

Unions would also be prohibited from making political contributions using members’ dues without their consent under the legislation.

No Democrats are backing the legislation, despite Republicans’ insistence that it is not a partisan bill.

“The American worker is coming in second to the labor union,” Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) said.



Congressman Meadows Announces Veterans’ Solutions Seminars

mark meadows and tom gravesCongressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) announced on Thursday his Second Annual Veterans’ Solutions Seminars to provide practical assistance to veterans in Western North Carolina.

This August, Congressman Meadows, in partnership with the Charles George VA Medical Center staff and the Veterans’ Affairs Winston-Salem Regional Benefit Office, will host a series of Veterans’ Solutions Seminars across the 11th district to provide practical assistance to those who have served our nation.

Veterans will be able to meet with members of Congressman Meadows’ staff, representatives from the VA hospital, the benefit office, and the NC division of Veterans Affairs at the seminars. The veterans can learn more about available assistance with issues surrounding VA benefits, healthcare, and disability.

“Our veterans deserve the absolute best and I am committed to assisting them in any way we are able. We owe a debt of gratitude to the brave men and women who selflessly served our nation, and this is a small way to help see that they are getting the assistance to which they are entitled,” Rep. Mark Meadows said.

“I’m grateful to the organizations that have partnered with my office to make this possible. As a nation, we still have a long way to go to ensure that our veterans are getting the proper and timely treatment that they deserve. But I’m thankful for the VA officials with whom I’ve had the opportunity to work with for their help in this process and for their commitment to our nation’s servicemen and women,” Meadows added.

See details on upcoming Veterans’ Solutions Seminars below:

Tuesday, August 18th 9 am — 12 pm

American Legion Post 47 171 Legion Drive Waynesville, NC 28786

Tuesday, August 18th 2 pm — 5 pm

North Carolina National Guard 845 Spaulding Road Marion, NC 28752

Wednesday, August 19th 9 am — 12 pm

American Legion Post 29 401 Main St NW Lenoir, NC 28645

For more information on the upcoming Veterans’ Solutions Seminars, click here.


Meadows’ Statement on Malaysia’s Human Rights Ranking Upgrade

MM1The State Department upgraded Malaysia’s human rights trafficking ranking on Monday from the lowest Tier 3 Watch List ranking to Tier 2, indicating an improvement in the country’s human rights record. Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC), who opposed Malaysia’s inclusion in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) because of the nation’s egregious human rights and trafficking record, released the following statement:

“For years, Malaysia has had an abysmal human rights record and served as a hub for human trafficking and forced labor. The State Department’s decision to upgrade Malaysia’s ranking at this time certainly seems to be a mistake, considering that just a few months ago, a mass grave believed to contain the bodies of more than 130 victims of human trafficking was unearthed outside of Kuala Lumpur. In addition to failing to address slavery taking place inside the country, the Malaysian government has an indefensible track record with regards to the millions of migrant laborers working in unacceptable conditions, many of whom have had their passports confiscated, severely restricting their freedom of movement and preventing many from returning to their home countries. 

The timing of this announcement by the State Department seems to conveniently coincide with the Obama Administration’s push to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership, of which Malaysia is a member. Many have raised concerns that a country that has consistently ranked in the lowest 10 percent in the world for human rights abuses is being given preferential treatment on trade. I would be extremely curious to see what concrete, institutional changes Malaysia has made to warrant this upgrade in its ranking. Without a clear-cut demonstration that Malaysia has made substantial and effective changes, this upgrade gives the appearance that we value economics more than improving Malaysia’s trafficking record.

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The Tarheel Tea Party, LLC is taking orders for a possible NC “Dont Tread on Me” Gadsden Flag License Plate.

We need your order now in order to get this plate authorized.

The Bill H 690 for the “Dont Tread on Me” Gadsden Flag NC Auto License plate has advanced to the Rules, Calendar, and Operations Committee of the House.

Once 500 or more orders are received, then legislation will be pursued to formally authorize the plate—reference HB 690. We are told that near the end sessions that all possible license plates are put into one bill and then voted on.

For the plate to be issued by the NCDMV once the bill is past and signed we will need 500 orders and payment of $30.00 per plate.   Please, follow the purchasing instruction below the art of the possible license plate.

If,  you order the NC Gadsden Flag License Plate once it is issued it will replace your existing NC License Plate.   *Orders for Custom or Personalized plates will not be accepted.


**The above art is an approximate sample of the “Dont Tread on Me” Gadsden Flag License Plate we are pursuing; actual plate art may look different.

Please, print mvr-27ppa and fill out all of the form except the top section and mail form and check for $30.00 to: Tarheel Tea Party, LLC, Attn: Fremont V. Brown III, 1434 Brevard Road, Asheville, NC 28806 (Phone 828-777-5326).

***The Tarheel Tea Party holds your checks and your checks will not be cashed till the plate is approved.  If, for some reason the NC General Assembly does not authorize the “Dont Tread on Me” Gadsden Flag License Plate your check will be returned.

****The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Positioned below the rattlesnake are the words “Dont tread on me”.  The flag is named after American general and statesman Christopher Gadsden (1724–1805), who designed it in 1775 during the American Revolution. It was also used by the Continental Marines as an early motto flag. – from

Seattle sees fallout from $15 minimum wage, as other cities follow suit – Seattle’s $15 minimum wage law is supposed to lift workers out of poverty and move them off public assistance. But there may be a hitch in the plan.

Evidence is surfacing that some workers are asking their bosses for fewer hours as their wages rise – in a bid to keep overall income down so they don’t lose public subsidies for things like food, child care and rent.

Full Life Care, a home nursing nonprofit, told KIRO-TV in Seattle that several workers want to work less.

“If they cut down their hours to stay on those subsidies because the $15 per hour minimum wage didn’t actually help get them out of poverty, all you’ve done is put a burden on the business and given false hope to a lot of people,” said Jason Rantz, host of the Jason Rantz show on 97.3 KIRO-FM.

The twist is just one apparent side effect of the controversial — yet trendsetting — minimum wage law in Seattle, which is being copied in several other cities despite concerns over prices rising and businesses struggling to keep up.

Click here to read article.

Who knew $15 per hour was a plan to kill productivity?

N.C. HB562 which concerns changes to N.C. Gun Laws may be voted on in the Senate on Monday 7/27

This legislation does make several changes according to the NRA to North Carolina gun laws but, are they the changes you want? If passed see the following for the changes.

Requiring the chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) of a jurisdiction to certify the transfer or making of a firearm in a timely manner.

Clarifying the exemption for keeping a firearm in a vehicle by a person with a valid Concealed Handgun Permit while the vehicle is on the property of a public school.

Establishing an affirmative defense for an individual in certain situations where he or she uses a firearm on prohibited school property “in response to a threatening situation in which deadly force was justified…”

Improving the existing Range Protection Law, which would help to protect established shooting ranges from new local ordinances designed to shut them down.

Improving the issuing process and removing unnecessary disqualifiers for Concealed Handgun Permits (CHP).

Lowering the penalty for carrying a firearm with a valid CHP on posted property from a misdemeanor to an infraction.

Removing the prohibition on using a lawfully possessed short barreled rifle for hunting.

Strengthening North Carolina’s preemption statute.

But, is this what the citizens of North Carolina that believe “shall not be infringed” in the U.S. Constitution and the N.C. Constitution really want from their Senators and Representatives that sworn to § 11-7. Oath or affirmation to support Constitutions; all officers to take.

Every member of the General Assembly and every person elected or
appointed to hold any office of trust or profit in the State shall,
before taking office or entering upon the execution of the office,
take and subscribe to the following oath:

“I, . . . . . . . . . . . ., do solemnly and sincerely swear that I
will support the Constitution of the United States; that I will be
faithful and bear true allegiance to the State of North Carolina, and
to the constitutional powers and authorities which are or may be
established for the government thereof; and that I will endeavor to
support, maintain and defend the Constitution of said State, not
inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States, to the best
of my knowledge and ability; so help me God.”(1781, c. 342, s. 1,
P.R.; R.C., c. 76, s. 4; Code, s. 3312; Rev., s. 2358; C.S., s. 3194;
1985, c. 756, s. 5.)

N.C. Constitution Sec. 30 – Militia and the right to bear arms.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; and, as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they shall not be maintained, and the military shall be kept under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power. Nothing herein shall justify the practice of carrying concealed weapons, or prevent the General Assembly from enacting penal statutes against that practice.

It seems to me that any Senator that votes for HB562 with all of its infringements is violating his or hers oath of Office.

Wouldn’t a complete rewrite of HB562 to remove all laws, regulations, and rules on arms in N.C allow them to stick with their oath?

It is time to remember that the 2nd amendment is a NATURAL RIGHT of the people, that they can keep and bear arms WITHOUT any infringement, it also forbids the Federal Government from making any laws that violate our right to do so. Meaning exactly that NO Rules, Laws or Regulations concerning arms of any type. For is not a rule, law or regulation a infringement? They violated our trust in this concern some years ago. As for North Carolina our Constitution states in Article 1, Sec. 30: Militia and the right to bear arms – A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; and, as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they shall not be maintained, and the military shall be kept under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power. Nothing herein shall justify the practice of carrying concealed weapons, or prevent the General Assembly from enacting penal statutes against that practice. I ask shouldn’t sentence in red be removed?

It is a proven fact that concealed carry rights have lower the crime rate in all states that allow the practice. We are allowed to carry in the open in N.C. so we know the people are trusted to carry arms. So, I ask why all the hoops we must jump thru to carry concealed? Shouldn’t all Officers of the Law when dealing with people figure that they may be carrying? Shouldn’t we all have the right to carry in the open and concealed? Why all the rules for concealed carry? Do we all not have the natural right to protect ourselves in all types of weather? So why the permits to purchase hand guns? We do not need permits to purchase rifles, or a bow and arrow, or to purchase a car to run over someone, or to purchase a knife to stab someone, or a baseball bat which according to an FBI report is the weapon of choice when killing someone. Does needing a permit to purchase a hand gun make sense to you now?

Further more what makes people think that the insane and criminal will obey laws? They will not and there are laws already on the books against using arms while committing crimes.

Its time the State of North Carolina stood up and supported carrying arms concealed with NO Rules, Laws or Regulations and to drop the Permit to Purchase a handgun. Remember the baseball bat is the weapon choice when killing someone.

Note: Natural rights are rights which are “natural” in the sense of “not artificial, not man-made”, as in rights deriving from human nature, or from the edicts of a god. They are universal; that is, they apply to all people, and do not derive from the laws of any specific society. They exist necessarily, inhere in every individual, and can’t be taken away. For example, it has been argued that humans have a natural right to life. They’re sometimes called moral rights or inalienable rights. A right is an inherent, irrevocable entitlement held by all citizens or all human beings from the moment of birth.

Write your Senators your opinion on H562 – Click here for contact info.

States sue EPA over WOTUS

Cfact – EPA is an agency out of control.

At EPA, ideology trumps the law and the facts.

CFACT has presented full coverage of EPA’s ill-conceived “WOTUS” rule that redefines “waters of the United States” to remove the qualification that they be “navigable,” and in effect brings most every occasionally damp ditch and puddle in the nation under EPA control.

Tens of thousands of our readers signed a petition telling EPA that this is both a mistake and far exceeds EPA’s mandate under the Clean Water Act. (Thank you!)

EPA turned a deaf ear to voices across the country and advanced its rule anyway.

Twenty-nine states have had enough.

They’ve filed lawsuits asking the federal judiciary to get EPA back under control.

Click here to read article.

We Asked Companies About Their Donations to Planned Parenthood. Here’s How They Responded.

fetal-growth1The Daily Signal – On Tuesday, The Daily Signal published a list of companies that donate or have donated directly to Planned Parenthood, either through grants or through matching employee gifts, according to 2nd Vote, a money-tracking website and app that looks at consumers and political causes.

The Daily Signal reached out to each company to ask about their donations to the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Representatives for Xerox, Coca-Cola and Ford Motor Co. told The Daily Signal that they had been incorrectly listed as donors by Planned Parenthood. They said their companies do not contribute to Planned Parenthood and do not match employee gifts to the organization. All three said they have contacted or will contact Planned Parenthood to be removed from its website.

A spokesman for Fannie Mae said they do not contribute as a company to Planned Parenthood, but they will match employee gifts. He said they only have “two broad sets of criteria” for the organizations they will match donations for: They must be a 501c3 organization and they must not be on a government terror watch list.

Click here to read article.

Click here to read: Planned Parenthood Removes Corporate Donor Page From Website.

Hillary’s Tax Plan Involves… Guess What? More Taxes!

FreedomWorks – Hillary Clinton wants you to pay more taxes.


This week, in a rare moment of actually talking to people, the presidential candidate is unveiling her plans to modify the capital gains tax. Capital gains are what you get when you make the responsible decision to take your hard earned money – already taxed at extortionate rates – and invest it in stocks, bonds, or other capital that you have confidence in, instead of frittering it away on consumer goods. When these investments are made wisely, with a view towards long-term growth, you are rewarded with more savings, and the economy is rewarded with all the benefits your investment provided to well-run companies.

Currently, income earned from these investments is taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income, as long as you have held the assets for more than a year. These are known as long-term capital gains.

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When taking oath, new citizens will no longer be required to pledge to defend U.S.

new citAmerican Thinker – Continuing to “transform” America, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that new citizens taking the oath of allegiance will no longer have to pledge to “bear arms on behalf of the United States” or “perform noncombatant service” in the Armed Forces as part of the naturalization process.

And you thought it couldn’t get any worse?

Washington Examiner:

Those lines are in the Oath of Allegiance that people recite as they become U.S. citizens. But USCIS said people “may” be able to exclude those phrases for reasons related to religion or if they have a conscientious objection.

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State Lacks Guidelines For Safe Solar Equipment Disposal

Carolina Journal – Officials: some solar leases impose cleanup costs on landowners, governments. North Carolina has no environmental rules for shutting down solar projects safely, state officials say, and may lack sufficient facilities to dispose of the glass, steel, industrial lubricants, and toxic elements after solar panels in the state’s expanding solar industry reach the end of their useful lives.

State Rep. Jimmy Dixon, R-Duplin, is alarmed at the lack of control over decommissioning solar arrays and solar farms. He also is concerned that solar developers might be duping unwitting landowners who lease their property for solar projects, saying some require property owners to cover the costs of disposal and land reclamation after the panels become ineffective.

Dixon has visited solar developments in his district, met with property owners leasing their land for the projects, and viewed some of their contracts.

He said in some lease agreements with schools, the company installs panels on the roof of a building, “and the arrangement is that the company … gets the tax credits,” and eventually ownership of the solar panels transfers to the county, Dixon said. With ownership comes decommissioning costs.

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The Threat of Radical Islam In the US and Abroad (Author Interview: Brad Taylor)

no shariaTownhall – Congratulations on the release of your new book, The Insider Threat: A Pike Logan Thriller! Tell us what the book is about?

In a nutshell, THE INSIDER THREAT is about the threat the Islamic State poses. Outside of them rampaging about in Iraq and Syria, the biggest fear right now is radicalized citizens getting training and returning home to wreak havoc. Someone with an American passport and hardened by combat.

After studying the radicalization process, and our efforts to track and counter the same, I realized that nine times out of ten, the person traveling to Syria or Iraq may be a citizen of a western country, but he had one foot in the Middle East to begin with. He’s usually Muslim from birth, his father is from some place like Algeria, or he’s spent portions of his life in the Middle East – Anwar al-Awlaki from Yemen comes to mind – and he spends a significant amount of time during the radicalization process using social media.

Click here to read article.

Clarion Project – “The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”

Obama won’t let Congress see all of Iran nuclear deal

Barack-ObamaAmerican Thinker – Two key parts of the Iran nuclear deal will be kept from the prying eyes of Congress. These “side deals” with Iran involve inspecting a military site long suspected of carrying out nuclear and ballistic missile research and development.

National Review:

Under the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the International Atomic Energy Agency would negotiate separately with Iran about the inspection of a facility long-suspected of being used to research long-range ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

“The Obama administration has failed to make public separate side deals that have been struck for the ‘inspection’ of one of the most important nuclear sites—the Parchin military complex,” said Representative Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) in a statement Tuesday. “Not only does this violate the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, it is asking Congress to agree to a deal that it cannot review.”

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I would hope that these “side deals” alone would be enough to kill the nuclear deal.

Sen. Tillis to open Historic Courthouse office

tt-61Hendersonville Lightning – U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis is expected to open his western regional office in the Historic Courthouse in Hendersonville.

Colton Overcash, newly hired as Tillis’s Western North Carolina regional representative, said Tuesday afternoon that the senator was close to deciding on an office either on the ground floor or basement of the 1905 courthouse on Main Street.

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Our troops and National Guard should be armed at all times.

Gun Free Zones are Killing Zones.

What makes people think that the insane and criminal AND the Terrorist will obey laws?

As Concealed carry is a Crime Deterrent and has lower crime in every State that allows the practice. Wouldn’t the knowledge that ALL of our troops and National Guard in the U.S. carry lower attacks on them and make them safer?

If, you feel the same, call, email, fax or write YOUR Governor, Senators and Representatives your opinion.

N. C. Governor Pat McCrory, Click here

Senators and Representatives Click here

THE HILL’S OVERNIGHT REGULATION: Senators unveil reg reform package July 22, 2015


The federal rulemaking process is coming under new scrutiny in the Senate.

Register Now: On Tuesday, July 28, join The Hill for a discussion featuring House Financial Services Committee Members Rep. French Hill (R-AR-02) and Rep. Steve Stivers (R-OH-15) on the future of insurance regulation, nationally and globally. A panel of industry experts will consider how the unique nature of the insurance industry affects its regulation and what policies Congress might consider to protect U.S. policyholders and promote competition. Sponsored by the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.

Sens. James Lankford (R-Okla.) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) introduced a package of regulatory reform bills on Wednesday that aim to “relieve the overwhelming burden that regulations have placed on our economy and families.”

“Unfortunately, too many federal rules are unnecessarily burdensome to families and businesses,” Lankford said.

“These bills will produce a more efficient regulatory process, and ultimately better regulations,” he added.

The Smarter Regulations Through Advance Planning and Review Act would require retrospective reviews of major rules to make sure they are meeting their objectives.

The Principled Rulemaking Act would require federal agencies, including independent agencies, to “tailor rules to impose the least burden on individuals and businesses.” The agencies would only issue rules that are “necessary” and “maximize benefits.”

They would be required to identify a problem that needs to be addressed before issuing a rule.

The Early Participation in Regulations Act would essentially delay the federal rulemaking process to give the public more time to participate. Federal agencies would be required to submit an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking before issuing major rules. This would push back the rulemaking process by 90 days.

The regulatory reform bills come from the top lawmakers on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee for regulatory affairs.



Brown, McCrory At Odds Over Proposed Tax Shift

count moneyCarolina Journal – State Senate Majority Leader Harry Brown and Gov. Pat McCrory waged a war of words Tuesday over the Onslow County Republican’s proposal to rework the way local sales taxes are allocated.

“We believe our current sales tax system needs reform,” said Brown at a noon press conference. “Today, retail is centered in a few prosperous urban areas. People from everywhere else travel there to buy everything from appliances to clothes to food, and they leave their tax dollars behind. As a result, the current system is inequitable.”

A version of Brown’s sales tax plan was included in the budget passed in June by the Senate. It would shift the distribution of sales tax revenues from the current formula favoring the location sales are made to one emphasizing county population.

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Ban on removing Confederate and other monuments heads to McCrory

cvs memCharlotte Observer – The N.C. House voted Tuesday to make it harder to remove historical monuments – throwing Gov. Pat McCrory into the center of an emotional debate over the fate of Confederate memorials.

The House split 70-39, largely along partisan lines, to ban state agencies and local governments from taking down any “object of remembrance” on public property that “commemorates an event, a person, or military service that is part of North Carolina’s history.” Legislators could still file bills to move or remove individual monuments in their districts.

McCrory hasn’t announced whether he’ll sign the bill, veto it, or let it become law without his signature. But he did speak out against vandalism on the State Capitol grounds overnight after the House’s initial vote on the legislation.

Someone spray-painted the slogan “Black Lives Matter” on the Women of the Confederacy monument – the latest in a string of similar vandalism across the state. “One does not change the hearts and minds of others by damaging public monuments or private property,” McCrory said in a news release that didn’t mention the legislation.

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Historical Ignorance

csa battle flagTownhall – The victors of war write its history in order to cast themselves in the most favorable light. That explains the considerable historical ignorance about our war of 1861 and panic over the Confederate flag. To create better understanding, we have to start a bit before the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

The 1783 Treaty of Paris ended the war between the colonies and Great Britain. Its first article declared the 13 colonies “to be free, sovereign and independent states.” These 13 sovereign nations came together in 1787 as principals and created the federal government as their agent. Principals have always held the right to fire agents. In other words, states held a right to withdraw from the pact — secede.

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From the The Declaration of Independence: …..That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.