Why Islam’s Sharia law is the biggest threat to American safety

no shariaThe Washington Times – Former US Attorney General Mike Mukasey spoke recently at Temple Emanuel in Greensboro, North Carolina. “Isms all want to rid the world of something. Nazism wanted to rid the world of Jews. Communism wanted to rid the world of God. Islamism wants to rid the world of infidels – that is you,” said Mukasey.

Sharia (the “path) is Islamic law. According to most sources, including the Council on Foreign Relations, shariah is made up of rules that regulate every nook and cranny of life – worship, marriage and inheritance, criminal offenses, commerce and personal conduct. “It is derived primarily from the Quran and the Sunna—the sayings, practices, and teachings of the Prophet Mohammed.”

The bombings and shootings in the name of Islam, such as the Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, the “Underwear Bomber” and 911 are just one element of how sharia law calls Muslims to fight against those who do not accept their law.

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Candidate Comparison on Immigration for North Carolina’s U.S. Senate Race

numbersUSAThe grid below shows a comparison of the candidates on a variety of immigration issues. The general election is on November 4.

Our ratings rely on candidate responses to our immigration-reduction survey, past votes if they have previously held office, and statements they have made on campaign websites and in news reports.

Ratings based on the survey are indicated by the “Yes” and “No” icons. Other ratings are shown with colored circles.

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Dem GOTV Group Caught on Camera Endorsing Voter Fraud

voter fraudThe Washington Free Beacon – A top official at a Democratic get-out-the-vote outfit working to reelect Sen. Mark Udall (D., Colo) appears to endorse voter fraud in a hidden camera video released on Wednesday.

The video, released by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe, shows Meredith Hicks, director of the political canvassing group Work for Progress, endorse the casting of fraudulent mail-in ballots for ineligible voters.

“If they are not eligible to vote, and all these people are throwing out ballots, lets use those ballots to vote. So we can get as many votes as possible,” O’Keefe tells Hicks in the video.

“Yes, definitely,” she responds.

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GRNCAfter vowing to disarm all law-abiding citizens at the State Fair, NC Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler promised fairgoers that security at the Fair would be top-notch. Unfortunately, politicians will say anything that is convenient at the moment to get what they want, but they rarely see a need to follow through. This instance seems to be no different.

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State expects to finish verifying flagged voters Friday

daca licWinston-Salem Journal – The State Board of Elections expects to find out by Friday how many of the nearly 10,000 names flagged as possible ineligible voters belong to people who apparently are not U.S. citizens, elections officials said Thursday.

Once the names are known, a new phase of investigation will begin.

“We can’t just pull a name off the poll books,” said Josh Lawson, an SBOE spokesman.

At the same time, state elections officials are drafting a line of defense against voter fraud from possible ballots cast by noncitizens and will work with local elections officials as the names become known, according to Lawson.

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Grappling with Obamacare taxes

obamaTea Party Patriots – Despite administration denials, it’s been well established that the Affordable Care Act is one large tax. Some estimates[1] put the tax-hike count in Obamacare at 18. In fact, there’s barely anyone the law doesn’t tax; it hits doctors, state governments, insurance companies, consumers, device makers and pharmaceutical companies.

Consumers are already grappling with the individual mandate, and the tax it carries if they fail to buy health insurance. States are forking over $700 million in 2014 just to pay for the tax on new Medicaid health plans. And just a few weeks ago, an $8 billion tax[2] on the insurance industry took effect.

There’s also, lest we forget, what some call the “implicit tax”[3] of Obamacare. By making subsidies and free access available only to a select few, the rest of us middle-class Americans workers are footing the bill for benefits we’re not necessarily receiving. As a result, the country ends up with fewer jobs and less income.

Those are just a few examples of how President Obama’s signature legislative achievement is raising taxes across the board for most Americans. As conservatives discuss how to implement tax reform at the federal level, let’s not forget the role Obamacare plays.

The Affordable Care Act is too great a financial burden for our lawmakers to ignore it. Repealing Obamacare will be, on its own, a form of tax reform, and that’s something conservatives can’t forget as we continue to fight against Obama’s liberal agenda.

DC Court Decision on IRS “Unconscionable”

TPPLOGOStatement by Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots – ATLANTA, GA – Yesterday, the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia dismissed almost all counts brought by more than 40 tea party groups against the IRS in two lawsuits because the IRS had granted the groups their tax-exempt status in the interim.

Today, Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, who are engaged in their own lawsuit against the IRS over their illegal targeting of tea party groups for additional scrutiny, issued the following statement: click here to read statement.

Editors question: “Amazingly, the Court’s ruling acknowledges the illegal activity by the IRS – but nonetheless concluded that because the IRS says it has discontinued its targeting, the case is “moot.”” So, if a bank robber quits robbing banks the case against him for the robbing banks before he quit is “moot”?

Cafeteria Workers at Los Angeles School Complain About Having to Speak English

English the Great Assimilator

English the Great Assimilator

English the Great Assimilator[/caption]proenglish.org – A controversy is brewing at Harvard Elementary School where LA Unified cafeteria workers say they feel discriminated against after being instructed to speak only English during working hours.

According to employees at the Koreatown school, an “English only” sign was posted in the cafeteria last week, reminding employees that they could be dismissed for violating the district rule, according to the newspaper, La Opinion.

Most cafeteria workers at Harvard are native Spanish speakers, and 86 percent of students identify as Hispanic.

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DACA dust-up raises troubling questions

daca lic
Voter Integrity Project – For 18 months, VIP has been pressing the NC State Board of Elections to provide documentation to show how they coordinated with DMV to screen the voter rolls for non-US citizen voters. The SBoE Chief Legal Counsel, Don Wright, simply answered, “We have assurance of cooperation from DMV on this issue.”Not-listening (2)

Throwing a BS flag, VIP Research Director, (and Pit Bull in Residence) John Pizzo, partly replied, “if there are extant written or electronic communications between the SBE and DMV illustrating the ‘cooperation’ you mention, please attach them to your reply. . . .”

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Pass the Internet tax moratorium and oppose Internet sales tax

no internet taxsedsHeritage Action – Americans from all sectors of society use the Internet for social and economic reasons. Many use it as a means of climbing the economic ladder. That’s why every American has a vested interest in the debate in Washington over the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) and the Internet sales tax (IST).

ITFA, a moratorium on discriminatory state and local taxes on the Internet (i.e. “email taxes”), is something Americans on both sides of the aisle and opposite ends of the political spectrum support.

Some lawmakers are trying to hold the moratorium hostage until they can attach to it a very unpopular tax on Internet sales, the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA). The MFA would allow states to require out-of-state retailers to collect and remit their sales taxes, regardless of whether they have a physical presence in the state.

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DMV search of records turns up ineligible N.C. voters

daca licWinston-Salem Journal – The voter rolls kept by the State Board of Elections contain 145 names that belong to a certain category of ineligible voter – immigrants in the U.S. under a federal program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, according to elections officials.

Josh Lawson, an SBOE spokesman, said that election officials found out about the number Tuesday night, after the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles ran a specific search for drivers with DACA licenses.

Letters from the SBOE will be sent to the 145 people asking for documentation that they are U.S. citizens, Lawson said.

More people who are ineligible because they are not U.S. citizens may be on the voter rolls.

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Tom Coburn skewers NIH in final ‘Wastebook’

wb14Politico – Tom Coburn is going out with a bang with his final “Wastebook.”

In it, the retiring Oklahoma senator laces into the National Institutes of Health for complaining about lack of Ebola research money while NIH investigates the effect of Swedish massages on rabbits.

This particular study on rodent rubdowns cost $387,000 — a tiny fraction of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ more than $4 billion budget. But the ranking member of the Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee cites many “unnecessary” spending programs that continue while NIH officials argue that important disease research has slowed.

It’s not just the bunny rubs that raise Coburn’s ire in his buzzy Wastebook, an annual catalog of “stupid” government spending that’s become a linchpin of the Republican’s career-long campaign against debt. Coburn also pans an NIH probe into how much dog owners love their dogs, a study of the science of meditation and development of a video game aimed at getting kids to eat their veggies.

The statement of NIH Director Francis Collins that “if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had [an Ebola] vaccine in time for this” was on Coburn’s mind when he wrote this year’s Wastebook. The “rascally” rabbit study is his first specific example this year of waste — and the first word in this year’s Wastebook is “Ebola.”

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An Open Letter: Forcing the Showdown

FS_Forest_EM_Header_3If you’ve been paying attention to the media, you’ve been told numerous times from opponents of North Carolina’s Marriage Amendment that the fight is over, and that they have won. That is not the case. The following is a realistic scenario that could lead to a constitutional showdown between the state and federal systems as to which court, outside the Supreme Court of the United States, has the legal authority to rule on North Carolina’s marriage amendment.

Last week, the Administrative Office of the Courts directed magistrates that they could not refuse to perform a same-sex marriage, no matter what the reason, including their personal moral and religious objections. This directive informed them that failure to comply could result in removal from office and criminal penalties. In response, our state needs but one magistrate to legally challenge the edict sent down from the Administrative Office of the Courts on two grounds.

The first ground is that the memorandum directs him to violate his religious conscience, thereby violating his right to religious freedom preserved by the North Carolina and United States Constitutions. In particular, the North Carolina Constitution provides that “all persons have a natural and inalienable right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences, and no human authority shall, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience.”

The second ground is to assert that the memo directs him to contravene the North Carolina Constitution by performing a ceremony that is not recognized by law, and is in fact, prohibited by the marriage amendment. You may wonder how that is possible after Judge Cogburn’s ruling purporting to strike down our amendment. That is one of the beauties of federalism. As succinctly stated by North Carolina’s Supreme Court in the case of State v. McDowell: “A state court should exercise and apply its own independent judgment, treating, of course, decisions of the United States Supreme Court as binding and according to decisions of lower federal courts such persuasiveness as these decisions might reasonably command.” North Carolina case law is clear. Decisions of the Fourth Circuit and federal district courts, while persuasive, are not binding on state courts.

Should this case reach the Supreme Court of North Carolina, a vote by our honorable justices exercising their own independent judgment to uphold the amendment overwhelmingly approved by the people would set up the very real possibility that the United States Supreme Court would hear arguments, having a split on the issue between a state court and the Fourth Circuit.

The constitutional showdown is a very real possibility. Supporters of marriage should not lose heart. The voice of the people will be heard.

–Lt. Governor Dan Forest

The campaign for a much larger minimum wage should be sobered by McDonald’s’ struggles

minimum_wageJohn Locke Foundation – If it were to succeed, the campaign to hike — or worse, double — the minimum wage would have serious negative repercussions for the young, least skilled, and least employable. Previous newsletters have explored in depth this well-known negative policy consequence. It’s one of the issues about which there is greatest agreement among economists.

A huge increase in the minimum wage would also harm employers. Those harms, in turn, would make things even more difficult for consumers.

The current campaign focuses mainly on fast-food workers, donning the ill-fitted “moral” mantle of a movement whose alpha and omega is government growth. Fast-food workers are undoubtedly hurting in this economy, but one key aggravating factor is the Affordable Care Act — which has made it where low-wage fast-food workers cannot even approach a 40-hour week.

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GOP: Obama Trying to Avoid Admitting Ebola Travel Ban Would Work

stop ebola flightsNewsMax – Republicans on Tuesday slammed the latest travel restrictions by the Obama administration during the Ebola crisis, with Pennsylvania Rep. Tom Marino telling Newsmax that he hoped President Barack Obama was “not using this new half-measure as a way to avoid admitting that a ban would work.

“I am not sure why the implementation of a sensible travel and visa ban is taking so long,” said Marino, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee. “It is a reasonable and prudent approach.

“Then again,” he added, “the exact motives and justifications from this administration are all too often makeshift and superficial.”

Texas Rep. Pete Sessions not only intensified his call for a full West Africa travel ban, but said the White House needed to rescind the 13,000 visas that have been issued to people in the Ebola-stricken area.

“While I’m encouraged by the administration’s efforts to implement new airport restrictions, simply rerouting flights is not a comprehensive solution that will put an end to this crisis,” Sessions told Newsmax. “In order to effectively protect Americans from this disease, we must isolate the problem and thoroughly screen all American travelers coming from these countries.

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Kay Hagan a No-Show for Final Senate Debate With Thom Tillis

NewsMax – With North Carolina Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan a no-show, Republican challenger Thom Tillis on Tuesday night faced an empty chair for their fourth and final debate in the tight race – and she faced some energetic needling from the state Republican Party.

In what amounted to an hour-long interview by two reporters and voters that aired on a Time Warner cable channel, Tillis answered questions on topics he and Hagan had already battled over, including the Ebola crisis, the Islamic State (ISIS), and Hagan’s absences from Armed Services Committee hearings, Breitbart reports.

Hagan had declined to participate in advance of the debate, but the North Carolina Republican Party sent out hourly updates counting down to the non-event anyway, posing questions they wanted her to answer, Breitbart reports.

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Cato Institute Announces New Center for Monetary & Financial Alternatives

moneyJohn Allison, CEO of the Cato Institute and former CEO of BB&T Corporation, announced today that Cato has established a new Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives, which will focus on development of policy recommendations that will create a more free-market monetary system in the U.S.

“We have assembled a group of scholars and advisory board members who will challenge the Federal Reserve and the financial regulators in a way they haven’t been challenged in 100 years,” Allison said.

George Selgin, a Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Georgia and one of the foremost authorities on banking and monetary theory and history, gave up his academic tenure to join Cato as director of the new center.

“If there’s ever to be a serious attempt to come up with something better than the Fed, we must bury the myth that it’s our only hope” Selgin said. “We don’t want to turn back the clock to 1913, or to any other bygone era. But we do need to change the intellectual climate from the present one — with its hostile and ill-informed response to any suggestion that a monetary system consistent with the rule of law and genuine competition might be an improvement upon our present autocratic central bank.”

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Why, does the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Party always claim that minority voters will not be able to exercise their voting rights?

voting rightsIt seems to me that the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Party is always insulting the intelligence of the minorities. Why, would a minority vote for the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Party candidate if, that party was always calling him an idiot that could not find his precinct or register early enough to vote or find time to get a free ID? It’s usually two years between elections. Isn’t that enough time to register, find your correct precinct and get a free ID?

“The Court of Appeals determined that at least two of the measures elimination of same-day registration and termination of out-of-precinct voting risked significantly reducing opportunities for black voters to exercise the franchise in violation of [section] 2 of the Voting Rights Act. I would not displace that record-based reasoned judgment,” Ginsburg wrote in a dissent joined by Sotomayor – from http://www.politico.com/blogs/under-the-radar/2014/10/supreme-court-oks-nc-voting-changes-196787.html. Could it be that the other Judges feel that the Voting Rights Act also got it wrong?

Racism consists of both prejudice and discrimination based in social perceptions of biological differences between peoples. It often takes the form of social actions, practices or beliefs, or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities. It may also hold that members of different races should be treated differently. – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racism

Suggested reading:  Click here to read: A Case for Voter ID.

If, Obama must show ID to vote why shouldn’t you?  Click here to watch video of Obama showing his ID to vote.

Critics Who Claim Voter ID Laws Are Racist Won’t Like the Results of This Study  Click here to read all about it.

Most U.S. states require voters to register before an election. Ten states plus the District of Columbia presently offer same-day registration (SDR), allowing any qualified resident of the state to go to the polls on election day, register that day, and then vote. So, if 40 states DO NOT have to offer same-day registration (SDR), allowing any qualified resident of the state to go to the polls on election day, register that day, and then vote. Why, shouldn’t N.C. require voters to register before an election?

As for prohibiting voters from casting ballots outside their precinct the reason is that not ALL precincts have the same candidates on their ballots and the voter would not be able, in some cases, to vote for all of the candidates they would be able to if, they voted in their correct precinct.

Is it that the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Party does not want the minority voters, who’s intelligence they insult all the time, to not exercise their vote to the fullest by voting in their correct precinct?

Watch This Man Get Arrested for Just Playing His Guitar in New York City

First-Amendment-imageThe Daily Signal – Watch out: dangerous guitar players could threaten you next!

That seems to be the mindset of the New York Police Department. The NYPD recently arrested a local musician for loitering while playing the guitar in a New York subway station, despite reading word for word the law which allowed him to perform his music.

The incident was recorded and uploaded to YouTube on Friday. The video shows Andrew Kalleen being confronted by an unidentified police officer who orders him to pack up his guitar and leave the subway station.

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Hagan Put Judge Up for Federal Appointment As Judge Ruled on Husband’s Million-Dollar Lawsuit

The Washington Free Beacon – Just a week after Sen. Kay Hagan (D., N.C.) recommended a North Carolina judge to President Barack Obama for a seat in the U.S. District Court, the judge ruled in favor of a company partially owned by Hagan’s husband.

The senator’s husband, Charles T. “Chip” Hagan, was a managing member of Hydrodyne Industries LLC when it sued a regional water authority for drawing water out of a river that had one of its hydroelectric dams built on. The lawsuit sought millions of dollars in damages and was carried out by Chip Hagan’s legal firm.

Superior Court Judge Calvin E. Murphy ruled the case in favor of Hydrodyne, setting the table for the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority to pay millions in damages to companies including Hydrodyne.

Murphy’s ruling was made on Oct. 23, 2009, just nine days after Sen. Hagan sent his name to Obama to be nominated for a lifetime seat on the U.S. District Court for Western North Carolina.

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Some Climate Alarmists Refuse to Concede

climate-change-2JBS.Org – Writing in the Boston Globe, columnist Tom Keane’s recent column led with the headline “Cool summer doesn’t invalidate climate change.” The type in his headline should have been upside-down because the logic surely was.

Keane admits that temperatures during the summer of 2014 were “well below normal.” He nevertheless clings to the ridiculous claims of fellow alarmists and insists that global warming, now almost universally labeled “climate change” because warming can’t be detected, is still a grave threat to the entire planet. But opposite views continue to come — almost in a flood like the one predicted by warming alarmists.

Matt Ridley, a member of England’s House of Lords, debunked the claims of the warmists in an op-ed column appearing in the Wall Street Journal online. Claiming “it has been roughly two decades” since any marked upward change in the Earth’s temperature has been recorded, Ridley noted that there was a slight upward tick in temperatures for about 20 years in late 20th century. But that period “was preceded by 30 years of slight cooling after 1940,” he continued. In other words, he claims what an increasing number have concluded — that fluctuations in temperature will occur naturally and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. And there’s nothing terribly ominous to worry about.

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US Ordering 34 Million Green Cards for Illegal Plan

Green CardNewsMax – With some lawmakers predicting a sweeping executive order on immigration from President Barack Obama after the Nov. 4 elections, one federal agency is already making plans to hire a vendor to crank out up to 34 million blank green cards to accommodate an expected surge in immigrants in 2016.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has published a draft solicitation for a contractor capable of producing 4 million cards a year for five years — and 9 million in the early stages — that would allow immigrants to live and work in the country, Breitbart reports.

One estimate suggests 34 million cards will be printed in total.

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UN Biodiversity Conference Pushes Global Resdistribution, Restriction, Regimentation

no-unThe New American – “Resource mobilization” and “capacity building” were two of the key terms that dominated the recently concluded United Nations “biodiversity” conference in Korea. “Resource mobilization,” as the reader may guess, refers to increasing government funding (i.e., increasing taxation) to support biodiversity programs and research. “Capacity building,” a favorite phrase at the UN, refers to foreign aid transfers from the developed to the lesser developed countries, which means either government-to-government or government-to-UN agency transfers of wealth.

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Is it not long pass time that the United States withdrew its membership in the United Nations? Withdraw membership, pull out of all treaties with them, and give them 30 days to remove all UN agencies and personnel from the US. And then NEVER have anything to do with them. – Fremont V Brown III

Why Are Gas Taxes So High?

gas taxJohn Locke Foundation – It’s autumn, and like many citizens of North Carolina, my husband and I recently went to the mountains to view the splendor of the Appalachian leaf display.  We purchased a bushel of North Carolina apples, ate at some of the local restaurants, and walked around the small towns in our state’s westernmost counties.  At times we ventured outside of North Carolina and found a pleasant surprise: gas was below three dollars a gallon.

We started talking about gasoline prices and why they were so low in the neighboring states compared to North Carolina.  Growing up in Gaston County, my friends and I always drove to South Carolina to fill up.  So I was curious, has North Carolina made any attempts to lower the gasoline tax to be more competitive with neighboring states, and why has the gasoline tax increased so much from when I was a teen driver to today?

First, I looked at gasoline prices in neighboring states to see just how much higher ours was.  I found that North Carolina’s gas tax has been consistently higher than neighboring states’, by more than twenty cents in some cases.

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New facts on illegal immigrants in America

TPPLOGOA leaked Department of Homeland Security report reveals some startling facts [1] about illegal immigrants in the U.S., showing just how harmful lax immigration law enforcement is to the country.

According to the report, nearly 900,000 illegals with deportation orders are still residing in the U.S. Of those, about 167,000 are convicted criminals. What’s more, according to officials at U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the agency is either supposed to release or take a pass on illegal immigrants who have committed “minor” crimes or have family members in America.

As a result [2] “a fraction of deportable aliens that ICE identifies actually will be processed for deportation.” Even less are actually deported.

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