FL county’s unrecorded land restriction may put couple out of business

Florida Watchdog – TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — For Robert and Anita Breinig, the Flash Beach Grille is more than a building.
Photo courtesy of the Pacific Legal Foundation

SURPRISE: Robert and Anita Breinig are facing $1,000 per day fines for violating a 24-year-old land easement that the county never recorded.

The Hobe Sound seafood restaurant and catering business is the culmination of years of hard work, and represents their slice of the American Dream.

“We started as a mobile caterer. We used garages as kitchens for home parties,” Robert Breinig told Watchdog.org.

But after 17 years of sweat in the food service industry, the couple’s dream has taken a nightmarish turn.

The owners of Flash Beach Grille are locked in a land dispute with Martin County public officials over a seemingly insignificant 40-by-70 foot area behind the restaurant. But it’s no small fight. The outcome has the potential to affect property values, environmentally protected areas and the local title insurance market — not to mention put the Breinigs out of business.

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