Global warming: Bring it on!

keep-calm-and-carry-on-700x422Now that the climate has changed again and winter is again upon us, it is time to explore the benefits of global warming, assuming just for the sake of argument there is such a phenomenon.

What would happen if global temperatures were to rise a few degrees? According to the various opportunists, alarmists, and enviro-tyrants who make their livings spreading fear and loathing with their pet theory, rainfall would increase, great ice fields would melt, partial desalination of the oceans would alter the existing eco-structure.

Oceans would rise, washing over existing shore cities and flooding deltas and shoreline lowlands. Lowland population centers, even far from coastlines, may flood.

According to geoscientists, this has all happened before, in cycles that vary from mere hundreds or thousands of years, over millions of years. The fact that it may be happening now, to those who believe, is the only difference.

Truth is, climate has never been steady and unchanging – or it would never have changed.

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