NC Voter ID Losing Streak Continues

Voter_Integrity_Project_NCRALEIGH–North Carolina’s voter ID law took another surprising turn tonight as Superior Court Judge Michael Morgan denied the motion, brought by attorneys representing the state, to throw out the lawsuit against NC voter ID, despite last June’s bi-partisan passage of HB 836, a law that weakened voter ID so effectively that critics had predicted the plaintiffs would drop their suit.

“This shows once again why it was a bad idea to rush through any election law legislation,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of the Voter Integrity Project. “Instead of waiting for the courts to rule, Rep Lewis and Sen Rucho used the urgency of the (then) upcoming state court hearing to panic their caucus into unconditional surrender.”

By a combined 150-4 vote, Rep Lewis and Sen Rucho explained the bill (HB 836) to their respective caucuses at the last minute, on a Thursday afternoon, when lawmakers are itching to dismiss for the week and make up to a five-hour drive back to their homes.

Judge-Morgan-215x300According to his own website click here, Judge Mike Morgan is a lifelong member of NAACP, one of the groups suing NC over its voter ID law. Perhaps the law explains the loophole better, but we wonder why such an arrangement wouldn’t be considered a conflict of interest.

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