From the NCGOP

Fellow North Carolina Republicans,


It is with urgency and resolve that we write you at this hour. We also write urging a general call to action to contact your legislators regarding a very important vote in both chambers of the General Assembly. This vote regards the Conference Committee Substitute bill to HB373, which would make stark and radical changes to the operation of the Republican and Democratic parties of North Carolina. This bill was made public just yesterday, and less than a week before the NCGA plans to adjourn.


Admittedly, the bill does some good things. It combines all primaries, including the presidential, into one primary, thus, saving the taxpayer money. The bill also moves our state’s presidential preference primary from February to March, allowing the North Carolina Republican party to avoid severe delegate penalties, and insuring that all the 72 delegates and 69 alternates we have earned are secured by us in the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. 


However, a surprise “poison pill” has been added to the bill. The specific section is § 163-278.8B. Affiliated party committees. CLICK LINK HERE:

Should this section become law, the majority and minority party leaders of each chamber will be permitted to set up competing state Republican and Democratic Party committees. These party committees run by caucus leadership will be able to accept unlimited party PAC money traditionally directed through the state parties. Caucus leadership will be able to spend this money; however they see fit, unbound by the party rules traditional party leaders are constrained by. They will be able to insert themselves into primary contests. These committees will enjoy the right to use the names, abbreviations and symbols of the state parties and generally exercise trademark rights.  It is an outrageous addition to the bill.


In a word, these “affiliated party committees” aim to make the state political parties irrelevant. This is an 11th hour addition inserted by caucus bosses that will not stand. We strongly urge you to contact your legislators right away and insist that this offending section be stricken from the bill.

Thank you and God bless North Carolina and the United States of America.