Lesser Magistrates: The Nemesis of Tyrants

LESSER-200x200The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates
Lesser Magistrates: The Nemesis of Tyrants
On September 24, 2015, in Dr. Dan Updates, Nullification, by FreedomForum

Many animals have the ability to remember. Rats, for instance, can be taught to follow a maze in what scientists would describe as pattern or rote memory. Only man was given the divine gift of logic to analyze memories of the past in order to make decisions about the future . . . The history of man, however, is littered with lessons ignored, usually with disastrous results.

Exodus Chapter 1, Verse 8, “Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph,” illustrates for us that tyrants conveniently “forget” past contributions to society of those they wish to use as future scapegoats. Joseph’s interpretation of the “old” pharaoh’s dream saved the entire Egyptian nation from starvation, a fact ignored when the “new” pharaoh enslaved the Jews living peacefully in his nation.

Similarly, Adolph Hitler instituted the Holocaust against a Jewish population that was a well-integrated minority in Germany and constituted a significant proportion of the educated and professional segment of German society.

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