Trump’s regulatory freeze in full force

The Hill – President Trump’s regulatory freeze is in full effect.

Federal agencies are following orders to delay the rules that Obama administration officials finalized before leaving office, but have not yet taken effect.

This week alone, the Department of Health and Human Services delayed two rules: one to protect the privacy of alcohol and drug abusers who seek treatment, and a second to help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s protect against the introduction, transmission and spread of communicable diseases like Ebola and the Zika virus.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission delayed a rule it finalized two days before the inauguration requiring federal agencies to enact hiring policies that favor individuals with disabilities.

Last week, the Federal Railroad Administration delayed new safety rules for commuter trains, while the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) delayed news standards for how animals should be treated if the farmer wishes to sell the meat as certified organic.

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