What the People are saying

By Fremont V Brown III – I was a booth host at the WNC Mountain State Fair from September 8th thru the 17th from open to close. The following is my take away from conversations with the people who stopped by the WNC Republicans booth sponsored by the Buncombe County Republican Mens Club. We thank the Republicans that came to the fair to be booth hosts and show their support. Their help and support are appreciated.

1. The people are VERY mad and I am putting it in nice words – not as most people put it, at the Republicans who are not supporting the Trump agenda. These include: Senator Burr, Senator Tillis. All that commented that they want Burr and Tillis gone. Not included are Congressman Mark Meadows and the Freedom Caucus. They state “Why don’t these morons get it? The People voted for Trump and his Agenda.” The Republicans control ALL three branches of Government they want the Party to get the Trump Agenda DONE NOW! They stated that if, the Republican subversionists/obstructionists do not start supporting Trump’s Agenda the Republican Party is DEAD. The People will kick them out in the coming elections. They LOVE Congressman Mark Meadows and the Freedom Caucus for supporting the Trump Agenda.

2. The People want ObamaCare/A.C.A. gone. They want FREE MARKET Health Care and Insurance. Get the Government out of both. They want lower taxes and less regulations. They feel ObamaCare/A.K.A. and a new simpler Tax Code with LOWER taxes SHOULD ALREADY be in place. They want the Government out of all the non-emulated duties that the Constitution DOES NOT allow them to be involved in.

3. The People want their elected officials to OBEY the Oath of Office they all take to uphold and protect the Constitution. They feel that most elected officials are just stuffing their pockets at the People’s expense.

4. They SUPPORT TRUMP and his AGENDA!!!!!

Many had their pictures taken with the booth’s cut out of President Trump. Many YOUNG People came by and told us they supported Trump. I even had to a civil conversation with a young self-declared socialist. I also had a few conversions with a few un-civil socialist/communist – go figure right?

The Republican Party MUST listen to the People and replace ALL of the RINO’s ie: subversionists/obstructionists within the party with Candidates who have a backbone and support the Parties Platform and Principles. In other words candidates that are Constitutionalist and Conservative. Remember the UNAFFILIATED now OUT NUMBER US. Do you wonder why? I hope not.

The People DO NOT want Republicans to be the Quiet Ones any more. The Republicans NEED to CONTROL The Conversation.

So, Republicans its TIME to get in GEAR and get our candidates to do what they were elected to do. Plus find new candidates that will do as the PEOPLE have TOLD us they want our party to do – support our platform and principles.