Census Shows More Immigrants Coming From China, India Than Mexico

Statue-of-libertyThe New American – According to a report released in May by Eric Jensen, a statistician/demographer with the Census Bureau’s Population Division, more Asians than Mexicans are now immigrating to the United States.

The tipping point occurred in 2009, when immigrants identifying as non-Hispanic, Asian alone (34.7 percent) first exceeded those of Hispanic origin (30.1 percent). By 2013, the percentage of non-Hispanic, Asian alone immigrants had increased to 40.2 percent of the total, while the percentage of Hispanics had dropped to 25.5 percent.

Jensen also noted that, based on his research, China alone replaced Mexico in 2013 as the leading country sending immigrants to the United States. The sources of immigrants into the United States has shifted dramatically since 2000, when 41.2 percent of immigrants were Hispanic (Mexican, Central American, Caribbean, or South American) compared with 23.6 percent for those of non-Hispanic, Asian alone origins.

Jensen’s figures were compiled from a chart produced by the U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division.

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