U.S. Taxpayers Fund Takeover of Colombia by Marxist Terrorists

The New American – Thanks to Congress and the Obama administration, American taxpayers are expected to pour millions of dollars into a ruthless Marxist terrorist group known as the FARC (shown), the Spanish acronym for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Among other crimes, the Castro-backed terror group has slaughtered and tortured hundreds of thousands of civilians, pumped unfathomable amounts of cocaine into the United States, kidnapped and raped children, and much more. If establishment forces in Washington, D.C., and Bogota get their way, however, U.S. taxpayers will help finance not only the FARC itself, but the communist takeover of Colombia as well.

Under Obama, whose political career literally began in the home of a Castro-backed terrorist, U.S. taxpayers were put on the hook for almost half of a billion dollars to Colombia last year. Much of that money was supposed to be used to pursue the fraudulent “peace” deal that will literally put mass-murdering FARC terrorists in Congress — without serving a single day in jail for their 50 years of mass murder and war crimes. Obama promised even more cash, and the GOP Congress approved it. However, the establishment-backed “peace” deal was so outrageous that, even after 50 years of facing FARC terror and barbarism, and despite massive amounts of tax-funded propaganda supporting the dangerous scheme, Colombians went to the polls and rejected it.

Stung by the loss, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who brokered the “deal” with help from the mass-murdering communist dictatorship in Cuba, decided to force it on Colombians against their will anyway. Less than 20 percent of Colombians approve of Santos, who lied to get into power and whose campaign was funded by a corrupt communist network currently facing serious pressure across Latin America. To push his scheme even after the people voted no, Santos made a few minor changes and rammed it through Congress instead, claiming the only way to have peace was to give the terrorists everything they demanded.

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