A GREAT REASON to Stop the So-Called Convention of States Movement!

The New American – Communist Sympathizer Mag “The Nation” Backs Convention of States. It’s finally happened: The radical Marxist left has realized that they can implement their agenda by amending the Constitution through an Article V convention. Still think a convention of states is a good idea?

The archliberal rag The Nation magazine, known for its historical denial of communist atrocities — such as the Cambodian genocide — and not knowing a Marxist-Leninist dictator that it didn’t heap with adulation in its pages, has just published a screed with the subtitle, “To fix our broken system, we need a new constitutional convention.”

The article begins by taking note of the recent “Balanced Budget Amendment Planning Convention” (BBAPC) held at the State House of Representatives in Phoenix, Arizona, and touted by its event planners — the BBA Planning Convention Committee — as the first of its kind in over 156 years.

“In recent years, states have called conventions on various topics from the monetization of silver to free trade. However, the delegations were not required to be authorized by both Houses to speak and vote on behalf of the State,” the BBAPC said on its webpage, hosted by the Arizona state legislature. “The last convention to have that level of authority was the Washington Peace Conference of 1861, where the states attempted to avert the Civil War.”

Like many on the left, The Nation is no particular fan of the BBA, believing that it would lead to the “almost immediate contraction of the federal government” and make it “Powerless to borrow its way out of a recession.” In fact, the opposite is true — as The New American has previously explained — seeing as how virtually every proposed version of the BBA includes escape clauses that would make it constitutional for federal expenditures to exceed revenue during a time or state of emergency, such as the 32 separate states of emergency that are currently in place. Furthermore, no proposed BBA addresses or prohibits unconstitutional spending, which is the real issue with the budget that needs to be addressed. If anything, the so-called conservative BBA would likely result in either constitutionalized unbalanced budgets during times of national emergency or tax hikes if the amendment’s mandate of balancing the budget is actually adhered to ……… click here to read more.

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