Buncombe’s Republican Commissioners stay real…

Buncombegop.com – From the chair Carl Mumpower – Somewhere between cynicism and narcissism is a place Republicans call realism. That’s where our three Buncombe Republican County Commissioners worked hard to land last night. They merit our support and encouragement.

The issue – whether to support a fantasy timeline on renewable energy for Buncombe County. May we suggest that narcissism is just a hop, skip and a jump from psychosis?

Here’s what our local daily had to say about the resolution – “After shooting it down at past meetings, the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners voted 4-3 in favor of the resolution at its Dec. 5 meeting, putting the county on the fast track to moving away from the burning of fossil fuels for its electricity and its vehicle fleet, and committing to only using clean and renewable energy for all county operations by 2030 and to all county homes and businesses by 2042. That is, in 25 years.”

Our Republican Commissioners were not resisting setting realistic benchmarks for energy efficiency. There were resisting ‘feel good’ timelines grounded in pretense.

Why does that matter? Because in a hard world good things do not come easily. Self-congratulations, proclamations and resolutions are more about motion than action. If we have a real problem, then we need real action.

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