‘Uneducated’: The Left’s Favorite Pejorative

It is no secret that leftists are big supporters of a politically correct culture. They see no issue with constantly stifling the free speech of anyone who disagrees with the narrative of the mainstream. They regularly clamp down on free speech in the name of protecting the sensibilities of all those who happen to disagree. This policy has become so widespread on college campuses throughout the nation that it goes beyond merely condemning what people happen to say or feel, to physically placing the potential “victims” of your speech into so-called “safe spaces” in order to shield them from the dark and scary world of differing opinions.

Now we have a situation where students graduate with not only mounting debt and no discernible job skills, but also a juvenile fear of a different worldview being expressed to them. These are the future leaders of our country, and their situation perfectly illustrates the madness of the modern regressive left.

Despite all this lofty rhetoric of protecting people’s feelings and sensibilities, the left has not actually given up on degrading or insulting language. Leftists require only that their ideological opponents adhere to these rules – to themselves, the rules do not apply. Thus, if they want to insult you or force their own ridiculous opinions down your throat, you must oblige them.

One of the left’s favorite tactics is calling opponents “uneducated.”

The term perfectly encapsulates the idea that those who are “uneducated” are in fact “stupid” or “dumb” without actually saying as much. It is a brilliantly smug and indirect tactic to demean the opposition’s intelligence and, consequently, whatever opinion the opposition happens to hold.

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