Gun-Free Zones Are Not Evil People-Free Zones

American Thinker – The horrific Parkland, Florida H.S. massacre tears at the conscience of us all. It also predictably invited the tired, unworkable policy fix from the left: let’s just ban guns! How the left imagines that this might fix these awful tragedies is beyond reason. Worse, leftists obnoxiously claim that NRA members and others who disagree with them don’t care. Incredible. Of course, raw emotion always clouds good judgment.

We should dissect this tragic event with critical thinking, not emotion. The scripted prescriptions offered at the CNN town hall meeting hours later contributed nothing to this effort. Shame on CNN and all the adults who conspired with that fake news giant creating that circus TV moment. And more shame on those who manipulated traumatized children to promote their agenda.

Let’s admit: psychologically disturbed people (of any age) are a danger to their community, their families, and themselves. Some sort of intervention into their failing paths is essential. We rarely hear this because political correctness censors it, but most of us know that this is the root of these horrors. Pull a weed’s leaves from your lawn, and it just returns. We must dig deeper and get dirty hands if we truly want to rid our lawn of this weed.

Let’s also admit: tortured souls will utilize any device to wreak their havoc, including cars, trucks, knives, baseball bats, IEDS, poisons (like anthrax), and of course guns.

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