How Governments can increase revenue

When your government officials tell you that they MUST raise your taxes to furnish you the tax payer with government services that you may or may not need or wish, they are not telling you the truth. The truth is that to INCREASE REVENUE for Government Services, and its been proven time and time again, you must LOWER the TAX RATE. Not Raise it. Here is fact: In the 1920’s tax rates were slashed from over 70% to less then 25%. Guess what happen, revenue to the government substantially increased – by more then 60%. During the 1980’s Reagan proposed tax reductions. Tax revenues increased by 99.4%. And the lies that the top 10% of earners or “the Rich” pay less is also not true. When the tax rates were lower during the Reagan times the top 10% tax payers taxes increased by as much as 27.5% in 1988.