A thought on Gerrymandering in N.C.

Gerrymandering is the practice of manipulating the boundaries of voting districts to favor one party or class.  I feel that no matter what is done to make districts it will always come out in someones mind that it was gerrymandered.  Take for example the racial diversity in North Carolina’s population is split between 69.2% Caucasians, 21.5% *African Americans, 3% other races, 2.6% Asians, 2.4% two or more races, and 1.2% Native North Americans. – http://worldpopulationreview.com/states/north-carolina-population/.  * Note the wrong term African Americans it should be Black in my opinion as I doubt 21.5 were born in Africa.

So I ask just how would you divide up the districts for the numbers to come out in each district to match the numbers above? I will give you an A+ if you can do it. Take your choice the NC Senate or NC House. Or the US Senate or US House. How close can you get to 69.2% Caucasians in each of the 50 districts? How close can you get to 21.5% in each of the 50 districts? And so on? What if, not enough of whites or blacks live any one part of the state to get the numbers right?

There are 50 Districts for the NC Senate and 120 for the NC House.

There are 1 Districts for US Senate and 13 Districts for US House.

Now lets do it by Political Party.   See the State Voter Registration as of March 23, 2019 at  https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegStat/Results/?date=03%2F23%2F2019

As you can see the numbers jump ALL OVER as to now many of each Party is in each County.  There is as of March 23, 2019: 2,462,486 Democrats, 1,989,744 Republicans, 2,106,991 Unaffiliated, 1,243 Green, 1,328 Constitution, and 36,542 Libertarians.

I ask you how can you get an equal percentage of Democrats, Republicans, Green , Constitution, and Libertarians in a Voting District without maps looking like a bowl of spaghetti?   I am fairly sure no matter how the districts are made someone can claim gerrymandering.

Here is a thought lets throw out the race and party issue and do the an equal amount countries that are contiguous (sharing a common border; touching countries).  For the NC Senate there 50 districts so, that would be 2 unbroken countries per district.  For the NC House there are 120 districts that equals .83% of one country.  And for the US House the percentage for 13 Districts is 7.69% of 100 counties for a district.   That takes out the race and party issue.  People move around all the time and the numbers are in constant change.  What does not change are the districts if you do as suggested in this paragraph.  But, I am sure not everyone will be happy, no matter how it is done.