Government Health Insurance/Care

No Government belongs in the Health Insurance business. Health Insurance should be a TRUE free market, meaning the only government involvement is a State Insurance Commissioner to make sure the customer gets what they pay for – nothing more nothing less, and make sure that the Insurance Companies offer policies and do business in our state based upon their solvency and ability to pay claims.  Only a true open free market otherwise known as competition will lower the cost of Health Insurance and Care. – Fremont V Brown III

Health Care and the Free Market

Dr. Dan Eichenbaum
Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum – Since its inception, Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum has been an advocate for the Free Market as a basis for economic growth and upward personal mobility. Individual freedom, the absence of coercion, is derived from combining the ability to choose one’s future course of action with accepting personal responsibility for the outcome of one’s decisions.

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Obamacare remains unworkable, unfair, and unpopular

The most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll shows 9 out of 10 Americans believe Obamacare not ready to implement.

The Obama Administration has granted more than 1,000 exemptions and waivers to Big Business, Labor Unions, and Congressional employees.

Obamacare gives the government control over 1/6 of the entire US economy.

Obamacare is already destroying the 40-hour workweek, as employers are forced to reduce their employees’ hours to avoid Obamacare taxes and penalties.

Congressional staffers, working in partnership with the Office of Personnel Management and the Obama Administration, devised a special exemption for themselves and for Members of Congress, which is not available to other Americans.

Obamacare will decimate the economy. Employers are looking for options to reduce their total number of employees and also relocating their plants and operations to China to escape the Obamacare taxes and fees.

C. Steven Tucker speaks on Obamacare to the Quincy Tea Party.

This video is a MUST WATCH. Please, take the time to watch the complete video.

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The Welcoming Fraud in Obamacare

The Truth About SwedenCare

misesAs a Swede currently living in the United States, with actual experience of Swedencare, I must reply to the delusions propagated by professor Robert H. Frank in his June 15 article in the New York Times, titled “What Sweden Can Teach Us About Obamacare.”

It is surprising to read something so out of line with basic economic theory from an economics professor. But theory aside, it would have sufficed for professor Frank to have taken a field trip down to the nearest public emergency room to have his illusions irreparably shattered. The reality is that Swedish healthcare is the perfect illustration of the tragedy of central planning. It is expensive and — even worse — it kills innocent people.

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The Market is Taking Over Sweden’s Health Care

misesWhile contemporary mythology has it otherwise, the market is not a distinct phenomenon: it is what exists when people interact and otherwise voluntarily transact with each other. The broad definition of the market is simply what people (choose to) do when they are not forced to do otherwise. So it is not surprising that even the Soviet Union, “despite” its anti-market rhetoric, fundamentally relied on markets: foreign markets for prices to guide planners’ economic calculation, and domestic black markets for resource allocation and goods distribution according to people’s real needs and preferences. The black market, indeed, was “a major structural feature” of the Soviet economy.

In other words, we should expect to see markets wherever governments fail. Or, to put it more accurately, markets exist where government cannot sufficiently repress or otherwise crowd out voluntary exchange.

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How Much Will Your Life Be Worth Under Obamacare?

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